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Welcome to the (In this policy we will use "Company," "we," or "us" as This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") shows how we get, and protect your info which updated to our website, and you can choose about the collection and use of your info.

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  1. 1. Get and Use of Your Information
  2. 2. Using your Information
  3. 3. How We Ensure your Info
  4. 4. Children's Privacy
  5. 5. Web Links
  6. 6. How to Find Us
  7. 7. Edit to Our Privacy Policy


We get the following information from you:

Information you provide us directly: Information you provide us directly:?We get your basic information such as last name, first name, phone number, email address and your address from you purchase or ask question on our website. We use this information to maintain our relationship about the business, and create a life circle about how we live, how we play and how we find new products and etc. Also we provide our new products, new videos, and some other fun stuffs to show how active and fun that we are.

Use of your internet cookies and other ways to get information

We happy to have you visit our website and automatically get some types of information after you visit our website or some other sources that we owned.? After you visit those, we may send one or more cookies - a really little text file containing a string of alphanumeric characters( which will not occupy and control your computer) - to your computer and knows your browser so when you next time come to our website it will be much faster and easy to find what you want.? It may also get the information to us about how you act on our website and give you more choices that you really care about and like, of course do not worry about your information will be public-ed, that is our responsibility to save and keep secrets of your information. We may get log file from your browser or mobile device everytime you access to our web.? Log file may include information such as your web requests, IP address, browsers, information about your mobile device, referring / exit pages and URLs, clicks and how you interact with links on the web, domain names, landing pages, pages viewed, and other such information. All these are used for the service that we provide and improve by the time to serve you better.

We may or may not use the data from your cookies, log in information, and others to 1st. Save your time when you access to the website and next time when you visit. 2nd. We can see the traffic and the most interested products that we can arrange our domain space runs all 24 hours a day to serve you. 3rd. To find more attractive products to you and make your life colorful.

2. Using your Information

We may use and share of your information provided on, we will not in anyway to use your account information, that is our responsibility. And You agree that we may share your personal information with:

  • ♦ Other company that we owned or corporate with in using and sharing your cookies,log in info, personal info that provided to the web
  • ♦ Third Party may get the information to get more data to analysis the future production, and the fashion trend.
  • ♦ Other company that in the transition business may get your information about your bank account info, which is their responsibility to protect and keep your info safe. Like "paypal".
  • ♦ We will allow third party to collect your web information for advertising use.

3. How We Ensure your Info

Storage and Protection:Your Info will stored in our secured data server, which set in our secured data room with password access. Also use and transfer of those data requires an application of the user or third party, a prove of tech apartment supervisor, and company data safety tech. We will have record about any data activity, if we find any unusual data movement or unlawful activity, we will find the people who has the responsibility to recover the lost. Any info that can not be use like your bank account info will not be use and approve to use in any time.

4. Children's Privacy

Company has no way to identify whether the account is registed by the person under 13 years old. so if there is a any evidence shows that is a under 13 years old children, we will delete the account as soon as possible. For those whose accounts are locked or delete by mistake, please contact: for coming back to alive of your account.

We are not responsible about any links that people posted on other place, website, blogs, any social networks. Any links and website information which not approve by company will not allowed to post

6. How to Find Us

♦ If you have any questions about our website, products, company and this Privacy Policy or the Service, or need help with your order please contact us at

♦ If you have any requests about bulk ordering, please contact:

♦ If you wanna do press or so on, please contact:

7. Edit to Our Privacy Policy

Company may update our privacy policy day by day, in case of day problem that we met, and we hope to create this to protect both of our sides within the time.

This Privacy Policy was last modified on July 28, 2016.