Foldable Carbon Electric Scooter GearLab

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Foldable Carbon  Electric Scooter GearLabFoldable Carbon Electric Scooter GearLab
Foldable Carbon  Electric Scooter GearLab Foldable Carbon  Electric Scooter GearLab Foldable Carbon  Electric Scooter GearLab Foldable Carbon  Electric Scooter GearLab Foldable Carbon  Electric Scooter GearLab Foldable Carbon  Electric Scooter GearLab Foldable Carbon  Electric Scooter GearLab

Material: Aircraft-grade Carbon Fiber .

Feature: Patented T-tube and deck design folds conveniently for transport.

Battery: 24v 8.8Ah LG 18650 Lithium Ion Battery ,Inline-style urethane wheels with ABEC 5 bearings.

Break System: Patented rear fender brake for quick stops and E-ABS Electronic braking system;

Weigh: 14.5lb/6.3KG

Max Load: 240lb/125KG

Max Speed: 15MPH/20KM/H

Motor: 250W

Max Distant: 20KM (Varies on rider's weigt and road condition)

Input: AC110-220V 50-60Hz

Charging Time:3-4 Hours

Wheel Size: 5 Inch

Certification: CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified for safety.

Warranty. 12-month


Package Includes:

1 x Scooter

1 x Charger

1 x Manual

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This is the best one on the market
Review by Patty

This is the best one on the market!I weigh about 140 and this thing is fast. A bunch of friends that weigh about 240-260 use it with no issues.Handle is really tall so I have friends that are about 6 feet that had no issues with the handle height. Really does go 16 MPH.Goes a bit faster downhill(be careful) Cool powerful light on it for night ride. Charges super fast in an hour in a half. No issues on big hill at all just goes a tad bit slower. Weighs about 20 pounds. It wont fit in a backpack or anything but still compact as the handle closes all the way to the base. You could easily remove the handle bars they just twist in. Has all these cool features you could use like cruise control. If it dies, you can ride it like a old school regular scooter no issues. This one is definitely a great product where lots of people ask you "where can I buy one? Can I try it?"This is awesome!.I spent days looking at every electric scooter and trust me this one is the best one. Oh and the bottom base will LOOK used, its just the art style.Its brand new. If you dont feel comfortable purchasing online, best buy always has this product( but not for 30 bucks cheeper) you could order and return if its not for you. Hope this helps! (Posted on 5/21/17)

Sustainable and fun!
Review by Rob

Best 3xx bucks I've spent in a while, this thing is great! Lightweight. Charges quick. A nice piece of sustainable transportation for quick trips or in between journeys, even just for a cruise they're fun. Wish or hope for future models longer bigger battery option or more lights and iPhone connectivity.. alarms? Thxx (Posted on 5/21/17)

Super Fun
Review by Dianne E. Christeson

I bought this to keep up with my kids razor scooters. Put 25 miles on it so far and it's awesome. I weigh about 200lbs and hit about 22mph on a slight incline easily. I get about 8-20 miles on a charge. Would assume if you weigh less you could go much further lol. For me, it's perfect fun around my neighborhood. (Posted on 5/21/17)

Perfect for College Students
Review by Chris Monroe

Alright so I'm going to do my best at a full review without actually having the scooter in front of me to physically show someone wanting to buy it. 1st, it came in the mail really fast. Was estimated to be here either at the beginning of the month, all the way through the end. Oct 5-31 Were me potential arrival dates. When it actually would come would be a mystery. It got to me on the 1st date that was shown on the tracking info, so the 5th of October.
It comes in a long relatively skinny box. The scooter is basically assembled, minus screwing the handle bars into place. This is my ONLY complaint so far. The handle bars did NOT screw in at all. The bars are each marked with their respective sides. Right and left. I'm a mechanically inclined individual. Do all my work and modifying of my car myself and have with other people's vehicles for quite a long time so these handles should be nothing. It took me 20 minutes to get the handles screwed into the scooter. The right bar wen into the left side of the scooter after 20 minutes of attempting to screw it in. Left car went into the right side of the scooter. So the handles are technically reversed/backwards. Was incredibly annoying. It's as if the female parts for the handles were not threaded correctly. Next and final step was to install the kickstand, which took a whole 30 seconds. And that's it for installation. Very straightforward and simple, IF you get handles that attach properly.
The manual states that you NEED to charge the scooter before operation. I let it charge until the charging block showed a green LED. I want to say it took 3 hours? Possibly less. After fully charged, i took it outside, keeping it in the first gear setting as I was unsure how the torque would be with such small wheels and being electric. Gear one is a good speed if you are riding around a college campus that's relatively packed. Good maneuverability while still being able to stop quickly. While we're talking about stopping, the hand brake on the left grip is VERY strong. Keep this in mind as you actually need to prepare your stance to stop so you don't fly off the scooter. I'm a veteran and have been through plenty of grueling physical tasks that jolt you around. Needless to say, I was not ready for the stopping power of this front brake. I didn't fly off the scooter, however I did lose balance.
2nd gear is obviously a bit quicker with speeds getting near 11-12 mph. 3rd gear is what I use when I use my scooter around campus. Large sidewalks so I can maneuver around people when they're walking. 3rd gear is quite fast maxing at 16mph. While that doesn't seem fast, on a very lightweight scooter, it's very fast. Your standard walking speed is between 1-3 mph so 16 mph is quite quick. I'm 6'2 and weigh 180lbs and this thing still gets scootin up to 16 mph if I'm on a level surface. The effect of speed is amplified when you're hauling ass past people and you can really see how much faster the scooter goes than walking.
The weight is incredible. It's made with carbon fiber and is definitely noticeable. Not only am I a veteran, but I'm a disabled veteran with major back issues as well as knee and leg issues. I use this scooter to get around campus. With it being so light, folding it into the locked position and picking it up with one hand is very very easy. It's unbelievable how light it is. I'd say it's lighter than those razor push scooters. This was the main reason I bought this scooter. Super portable as far as weight goes. Perfect for a college goer.
The LED light on the front is SO damn bright. I had me seeing purple dots when I accidentally hit the button on the front. It's a bar style light. Very functional for traffic seeing you and easily allowing you to see a good distance in front of you at night.
Haven't used the kickstand but it seems pretty good. Spring action.
Almost forgot about the rear brake. It's just a standard push down brake just like razor push scooters. I rarely use it as I don't want to wear down the rubber on the rear tire.
Now to the wheels. They're bigger than what the picture on here advertises. But they aren't really large by any means. They're solid rubber so bumps are not absorbed. Kind of a con but they work just fine. Great traction. I've driven it after and during light rain. I would recommend against riding it in the rain as the speedometer and controls are not designed to function in the rain. The battery is encased in the steering tube, for a lack of a better word. So I don't think the rain is as big of an issue with battery contact. I try to only ride it if it's done raining though if I can help it.
The range is not 17 miles but I see the add may have been corrected. The range is like between 4-15 miles depending on weight of the rider, speed setting you choose, and the environment i.e. Windy (riding into the wind). But if your using this for campus transportation, it'll be more than acceptable. I get to class so fast now and my knees and back don't have as much daily strain now.

Overall, aside from the handlebars being a little weird to put on, this is an AWESOME buy and I would highly recommend it. (Posted on 5/21/17)

Carbon Fiber electric scooter
Review by Anya

I am really liking this new electric scooter from GearLab. The build quality is excellent and only minor assembly was required out of the box. I have been researching adult electric rideables for a while now and when I came across this one I had to try it out. The carbon fiber frame is very sturdy, attractive, and the folding mechanism is a breeze to use. I work a mile from home and was looking for something light weight to get me there with minimal effort, this does the trick. I love that fact it can be folded (only 15lbs) and stored very easily. This scooter will go pretty quick as well; 15mph may not seem that fast but on a scooter this size it's plenty. (Posted on 5/21/17)

Better than expected.
Review by Martin

So far so good. I received the scooter on time (7 days). It was very easy to setup and looks amazing. Truly you will not believe how light this is. After twisting in the handles and charging it for 90 minutes, the scooter was ready to go. I took it out for a spin and was amazed at the zip it has. We currently have a Razor E300 that we are happy with but I wanted something better. This scooter goes just as fast, if not faster than the E300. Plus it's lighter and looks better. If I were shopping between the two, I'd get the Gearlab Scooter. Great product and great seller. (Posted on 5/21/17)

Five Stars
Review by Louis

So much fun to ride, I bought it for my teen son but I've used it more than him! I've used it to get myself to dance class on an evening rather than drive. My daughter has used it to run to the grocery for chips. It's such a fun yet handy way to get around and does it ever attract attention. We love the 3 speed options, the bright front light for nighttime use and that it can be collapsed for storing. The only thing I could nitpick on is the brakes. There is a lever on the handle that you can press but it is sharp aka, it grips fast and hard not be going at ANY high speed when you press it - you will fly off the scooter. Use the foot brake above the rear wheel. I tend to just take my finger off the accelerator and allow the scooter to slow down by itself. (Posted on 5/21/17)

Review by Paul

nice again (Posted on 3/3/17)

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