Drone X8G Syma With 8MP Camera Quadcopters GearLab

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Drone X8G Syma With 8MP Camera Quadcopters GearLabDrone X8G Syma With 8MP Camera Quadcopters GearLab
Drone X8G Syma With 8MP Camera Quadcopters GearLab Drone X8G Syma With 8MP Camera Quadcopters GearLab Drone X8G Syma With 8MP Camera Quadcopters GearLab Drone X8G Syma With 8MP Camera Quadcopters GearLab Drone X8G Syma With 8MP Camera Quadcopters GearLab

Drone X8G Syma With 8MP Camera Quadcopters GearLab (included 8MP Camera)


360° Eversion

6-Axis stabilization system

8MP cam equipment



please red this instruction manual carefully before operating the drone
please do not operate the drone in restricted zones or around people and animals
please do no operate the drone in strong winds


suitable for people of 14 years old&up
do not put the toy in the mouth as there is a danger of choking dup to small parts
do not play control the drone in a brutal fashion such as throwing, crashing or twisting it
keep body parts away from spinning blades
keep the drone a safe distance from other drones when playing togeter


camera drone

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Great First Drone!
Review by Nicole

This drone is amazing! Drone can go really fast, Its range goes pretty far, I crashed it 15 feet in the air and nothing happened to it, Its extremely easy to fly and it takes about 1-2 minutes to get the hang of it, FPV is very responsive, the only thing thats bothering me is the wind, This drone is very light and can get blown away easily, In fact one time the wind blew it so hard it crashed behind the neighbors fence (Don't ask how I got it back) But over all its an amazing drone, Just keep it out of high winds and you should be fine. (Posted on 3/12/17)

starstons of fun and if you change out the rotors for the ...
Review by Antonio

tons of fun and if you change out the rotors for the coolplay 2 blade rotor set, it gains more flight time and much faster speeds . . . the increase of lift generated by the higher pitch on the 3 blade rotors greatly increases control when flying with windy conditions.

TWO THUMBS UP (Posted on 3/12/17)

This thing is awesome! !!
Review by Nana

This quad is a excellent product for the price, but I do recommend 1 thing, that you have at least 3/4 of a acre that's free of all trees, power lines, and any tall obstacles this copter is loads of fun and is pretty fast also you will want to buy the recommended 4 extra batteries with the charger, cause it only Flys 7 mins on one battery, so be safe and have fun. P.S. a quad copter does take practice to correctly fly it (Posted on 3/12/17)

Great First Drone for your kids
Review by Curtis Benton

Great Beginner Drone! Got each of my kids one of these for Christmas and they immediately took to them. Great flying indoors and out and they loved the FPV capabilities. Not as fast as what you see on DRL or anything like that, but for under $100.00 what do you expect? The kids flew them around the house, up the stairs, and in the back yard with video captures. (Posted on 3/12/17)

The Syma X8G has been a great first drone
Review by Gary

The Syma X8G has been a great first drone. It is durable, easy to find replacement parts and has handled several bumps and bruises during our learning to fly phase. It is light, so wind is a factor when flying, but in the house, I can maneuver it around corners, through doorways and keep it hovering with ease! For the price we have had a ton of fun, and really learned a lot about quadcopter flying. I look forward to getting it out to do more exploring! (Posted on 3/12/17)

Great Drone but you do need the extras
Review by Elaine

Great Drone. Santa Bought 2 of these for 2 special brothers and they worked out to be perfect Christmas Gifts they are having hours of fun with them. Only thing I would suggest is to purchase a carry case and extra batteries. Best way to house this when not being played with so it doesn't get broken and also it does use up the rechargeable batteries quite quickly so those back up batteries do come in handy. BTG 3.7V 600mAh Battery & X4 Battery Charger for UDI U45 Syma X5C X5SW X5C-1 X5SC X5SC-1 CX-30W CX-31 M68R Drone Quadcopter and the carry case is X5C Durable Aluminum Drone Case for Syma X5, X5C and X5C-1 Quadcopter Models | with Protective Foam Inserts and Precision Cutouts to Guard Individual Components Against Impact by USA Toyz You will not regret those extras. They really are needed. (Posted on 3/12/17)

Great cost-effective fun for new pilots or kids
Review by Marco

Great fun at a great price. Very cost effective drone purchase. Good for new pilots like me and inexpensive enough that I don't panic or worry about damaging it. Low-speed mode is excellent for warming up or for new pilots. High-speed mode adds more agility and fun once you've warmed up.

FPV camera is pretty useless. Neat gimmick but too cumbersome to use my phone on the camera's built-in WiFi hotspot. Whenever phone is on the camera WiFi, internet connectivity is lost so my phone is completely monopolized by the camera feed. Low framerate and quality round out the trifecta of failure and I just leave the camera off completely. Wish I had purchased the model with SD card camera.

Even with the camera discarded it's tons of fun to fly and the low price eliminates the fear of pushing it to it's limits. (Posted on 3/12/17)

Awesome little quad
Review by Frank

I have had this since Christmas and I love it. I burned one motor out after a couple of weeks(and many intense crashes/flights/flips). Replaced motor and going strong. Replacement motors and props are a must. No big deal, just a little soldering and a few screws. The camera and accessories add weight and strain the motors, so consider that when deciding how you fly it.
Basically, it does everything it says that it does. The flight time is maybe 8 min with landing gear and prop guards, maybe 5 min with camera recording, and up to 10 with nothing on it.
The fpv works, but has a delay that makes flying fpv with it impractical. In an open area you might have some luck. I've used my vr headset with it, and it works, but was more fun to put on my daughter while i flew it around lol.
I can't really say much about range, since I'm pretty conservative with distance, but up to 100' no prob. Headless mode is weird and doesn't seem to work reliably for me, maybe I'm using it wrong. I don't really care, just worth mentioning.
Read the manual, it is pretty comprehensive but hard to read. Probably impossible for a younger kid.
Last thing; I have crashed this a lot. Like, really a lot. Not at top speed or max altitude, but quite a few times. It is very durable and with replacement parts it should last quite awhile I think. (Posted on 3/12/17)

Great starting trainer and fun "proof of concept" on FPV
Review by Karen

GearLab shipped this unit and I have been using it for the last 4 weeks. The unit itself holds up to all of the reviews that you can read.
Excellent training copter and has the fun of having FPV. As in other reviews the FPV is about 3-5 seconds behind the actual copter so you WILL NOT be able to fly FPV but it is useful for lining up shots, or practicing possible video moves. (Posted on 3/12/17)

Great learner. If you've thinking of getting the multi
Review by Jonathan

Total tank. Great learner. If you've thinking of getting the multi rotor game this is a product for you and your kid and your kids real father. Seriously, even that moron could figure this out. Headless mode on low power would be good for him, you can't mess it up. You on the other hand can fly this thing in regular mode with the controls ramped up by switching to high-power mode and really throw down some bank turns and make that loser really beg to get the controller back so the kid doesn't start to worship you're aerial prowess and realize that there's a reason real dad drives a yellow H3, he's compensating. I have smashed this thing into everything, bend the props back, good to go. I haven't even burned through the spare props yet which is surprising since I drove it top speed into a yellow H3 yesterday. (Posted on 3/12/17)

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