Drone X5 Syma explorers 2.4G 4Channel Remote Control Quadcopters GearLab

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Drone X5 Syma explorers 2.4G 4 Channel Remote Control Quadcopters GearLab

Full Function:


turn left/turn right



sideward flight




please red this instruction manual carefully before operating the drone
please do not operate the drone in restricted zones or around people and animals
please do no operate the drone in strong winds


suitable for people of 14 years old&up
do not put the toy in the mouth as there is a danger of choking dup to small parts
do not play control the drone in a brutal fashion such as throwing, crashing or twisting it
keep body parts away from spinning blades
keep the drone a safe distance from other drones when playing togeter


camera drone

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Review by Elena

Wow! This drone is amazing.... you won't want to put it down.... the picture and video quality is great (at least to me) I have taken several flights with it and it's proved it's worth to me. You will have loads of fun with it... it has its own wifi signal so you can connect and see FPV (first person view) but don't rely solely on that. Don't fly it too high as it can lose its signal. Remember how long you have flown it since turning it on so you can land it before the battery dies. I suggest buying multiple battery packs for it so you can keep flying. Enjoy! (Posted on 3/12/17)

Fun and e Easy to use
Review by Luis

Fun and e Easy to use. Great drone for the price. Great beginner drone for kids and adults. Very responsive. Camera is excellent for a drone this size at this price. We bought 5 extra battery pack. It helps to have charged up extra batteries for along fun time in the open. (Posted on 3/12/17)

Great starter drone
Review by Ellen

Mainly the price, it take not bad photos but for the price you can't eat it..
Flying is somewhat challenging, if you can get it to hover real well it will fly well if when you try to hover it goes here and there if you don't fix it then you will wreck for sure...takes alot of abuse and parts are cheap...watch for wind, it doesn't take much to over power you controls (Posted on 3/12/17)

Lots to like here- but the latency from the camera to the
Review by Anthony

Lots to like here- but the latency from the camera to the phone image is just over half second delay. That makes controlling the quad FPV style very difficult but as we get more accustomed to it, we'll improve. The quad itself is nice quality and flies very well- image and video capture from the phone is pretty easy, even for the pilot, since the quad is very stable. I am very pleased with this for the price. Overall we are having a lot of fun with this.

The app for your phone needs to be downloaded- to get this to work on our Galaxy S2 phone, we needed to update the firmware version. Now all is good. So if you have Samsung phone S2 or newer, you should be fine. (Posted on 3/12/17)

What you should know...
Review by Laura

Camera quality isn't the best but you can still make out objects, would like to have longer flight time(bout 7-10min, depending on what have have connected and how you fly) but overall wonderful product! Very much worth the price. This quad is very stable and very fun. I recommend putting the quad in headless mode and in high mode for higher flight altitudes, and having extra batteries for longer flights. I would also like to see maybe better camera quality on the next model (if they make one) but overall good quad to start on or just to have something at home for fun to mess around with. (Posted on 3/12/17)

A great drone for the price
Review by Angel

A great drone for the price! I've only had it a few days now and it's already taken quite the beating. The propeller guards are breaking from me dropping it from about 200ft, plus one of the motor guards broke off. I've bent a propeller, and yet the thing still keeps flying.

It's tough, that's for sure. (Posted on 3/12/17)

This little bugger works good!!
Review by Betty

This little bugger works good!!! Although don't think you're getting a phantom for this price range either.i have a phantom 3 and I got this for my 7 year old daughter. I'll tell you one thing it can take one heck of a beating. We've crashed this thing so many times its not even funny.and it keeps on going.the video quality is acceptable at this price point. Not great (Posted on 3/12/17)

Great first quadcopter.
Review by Sam

Great first drone. Flies well; a bit difficult to trim out. Definitely recommend that you try it in as clear a space as possible, especially if you don't have much drone experience; this can get away from an inexperienced operator. Already banged up my landing gear and rotor guards; but replacements are cheap and the components definitely protected the more valuable parts of the drone.

Camera feature adds a whole new dimension; software was easy to install on my phone.

Definitely takes practice, but a LOT of fun for a decent price. (Posted on 3/12/17)

Exceeded expectations
Review by Olivia

Honest review. Bought this for 8 yr old son. Within few minutes he had hang of it. Impressed with performance so far. Batteries last about 15 minutes. Pay attention to H and L setting, it makes big difference in speed and handling. 360 stunt is pretty easy to learn. Video quality (live feed) is about as good as you should expect from a less than $100 drone. (Posted on 3/12/17)

Perfect drone for beginners.
Review by Patrick

This is a fun drone to fly inside and outside. Outside just be careful with the wind. The wind can play havoc with drone due to how light the drone is. It was easy to learn to fly. And it can take some crashes. It is built durable. I have crashed this drone more than a few times. If you are looking for a drone to learn to fly this is the perfect drone to get. If you get this drone go ahead and get some more batteries. You are not going to want to put this thing down. The WiFi camera is ok. But that is ok with me. I got this to learn to fly. I did have some trouble with the camera not working. But the company help me fix it very quickly. So in conclusion if you're looking for a drone to learn how to fly this is the perfect one. (Posted on 3/12/17)

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