Drone U42 Udirc With 720P HD Camera 2.4GHz Quadcopters Gearlab

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Drone U42 Udirc With 720P HD Camera 2.4GHz Quadcopters GearlabDrone U42 Udirc With 720P HD Camera 2.4GHz Quadcopters Gearlab
Drone U42 Udirc With 720P HD Camera 2.4GHz Quadcopters Gearlab Drone U42 Udirc With 720P HD Camera 2.4GHz Quadcopters Gearlab Drone U42 Udirc With 720P HD Camera 2.4GHz Quadcopters Gearlab Drone U42 Udirc With 720P HD Camera 2.4GHz Quadcopters Gearlab Drone U42 Udirc With 720P HD Camera 2.4GHz Quadcopters Gearlab

Drone U42 Udirc With 720P HD Camera 2.4GHz Quadcopters Gearlab take aerial videos and photos with 720p HD camera

Highly durable airframe to absorb bumps and crashes
High performance 2.4GHz 4 channel radio
6 axis gyro for high stability and precision piloting
Bright LED lights for better orientation
USB operated battery charger



please red this instruction manual carefully before operating the drone
please do not operate the drone in restricted zones or around people and animals
please do no operate the drone in strong winds


suitable for people of 14 years old&up
do not put the toy in the mouth as there is a danger of choking dup to small parts
do not play control the drone in a brutal fashion such as throwing, crashing or twisting it
keep body parts away from spinning blades
keep the drone a safe distance from other drones when playing togeter



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Son loves this thing!
Review by Diego

Great stater drone for anyone wanting to learn. My son has bounced this thing off the ground from 25 feet up and it still keeps going. Although this drone seems to be bullet proof, the one thing it lacks is the ability to hoover at a specific height so you do have to control the altitude in addition to everything else while flying. (Posted on 3/12/17)

The camera is not much more than a toy but it is also a great way to learn before you move up a notch
Review by Zoe

The Udire U42 is outstanding especially for a newbie. The camera is not much more than a toy but it is also a great way to learn before you move up a notch or so. I have already ordered a Bugs3 based on this experience.

Now, I would like to help you cut the learning curve a bit. The manual is almost impossible to understand and it has taken several weeks to learn how to do some fairly basic stuff being totally new to quadcopters.

Here are some tips:

First it comes with Mode 1 & Mode 2. I was totally confused about what these modes did. Basically they just change what the two sticks control. I found that Mode 1 out of the box was understandable and easy to learn. I finally learned how to switch to Mode 2 but that takes another learning curve and as far as I can tell serves no real purpose except to change what each hand does. You change modes by holding the Mode switch under the right stick to the right while turning the transmitter on. The display will tell you if you are in Mode 1 or Mode 2.

The manual hardly mentions the Low and High Settings. The Low Setting is the default and a small L will show up on the display when you turn on the transmitter. In this setting the U42 had less power and speed. Good for learning, bad for trying to fly in any wind whatever. To change to the High Setting just tap the button on the top left of the transmitter. You will hear a short beep and the display will now show a H. I saw a world of difference in performance in the High mode. It was much more sensitive to the controls but sped through a 15 mile an hour wind with no problem and flew like a beast. Be aware that the same button on the upper left controls the Headless mode. For that you press the button for about two seconds and you will hear four beeps. Headless simply means that the quadcopter will continue to fly in the direction in which the antenna on the transmitter is pointed even if you rotate it. This is great for being able to take photos/videos from all angles while flying. To exit the Headless mode press the left top button again until you hear one long beep.

The GearLab U42 is very durable but it can be damaged. My granddaughter crashed it and the gear shaft on one motor was bent and had to be replaced. Parts came with no instructions but on the second try I was able to figure it out and it's flying again.

One more tip is to disconnect the camera if you just want to fly for fun. It will add at least 2-3 minutes to your flying time.

Have fun! (Posted on 3/12/17)

Better than expected!
Review by Carl

This is one of the better drones out there, got a very good price on it on GearLab. It is pretty durable and easy to navigate. Again, battery life only goes for about 15 minutes before having to recharge so just be ready to have backup batteries or time your flights well. (Posted on 3/12/17)

Great product, greater company
Review by Nancy

The manufacturers contacted me immediately after reading my review and I must say they were very professional and accommodating with my issue. They replaced the drone free of charge and this one doesn't seem to have any bugs at all, I probably got the one in a thousand that was faulty. I'm enjoying my drone flying now and will definitely buy some more as gifts for the holiday season, hats off to GearLab and sincerest gratitude to their sales/customer service department (Posted on 3/12/17)

Good First Drone
Review by Sean

Tough drone and easy to fly. You can zero out your controls in your living room before going outside. I find it much easier to fly at night by the lights which make it easy to find it if it gets away from you. And I recommend becoming competent at flying before taking photos which is very simple after download the program to your cell phone which is held tightly to remote with supplied clip.Replacement parts cheap enough to keep it flying. You need a very still day especially to fly high lest a current catches you. I've gotten in excess of five minutes on one battery. I recommend buying several more. Quick and easy to switch out. No complaints at all. I managed to slightly bend a motor shaft, but with a pair of pliers straightened it, though very cheap to replace as I said. (Posted on 3/12/17)

Great drone for the price
Review by Summer

I got this drone to fly with my nephew because he wanted one. For the price is has exceeded my expectations. It is easy to operate and flying it was a lot of fun. I was really surprised that this little drone was so easy to use but more surprised by the quality of the camera/video aspect of it. It gave a good quality picture and we enjoyed seeing the different angles from flying. This would be a good drone for anyone wanting to learn to fly one and someone who has learned to fly one but want to add the camera to your experience. (Posted on 3/12/17)

Drone is great. Got two of these bad boys
Review by Brian

Drone is great. Got two of these bad boys. they fly great and would definitely recommend them to beginner's like me. Once tuned up well, they will fly like you want them to. Headless function is fantastic. The only things i was little upset about drone was missing battery. Message GearLAb and reply to my message the next day and told me they will ssnd me a battery and give it a acouple days to come, but After 2 days my battery came in the mail. What a outstanding customer service they have. Would definitely recommend their product. (Posted on 3/12/17)

Fantastic drone
Review by Vicky

Hi great starter drone for young and older perfect size and it's style is just like the bigger ones cause it's has landing legs.customer service is very good this shipped right on time no hassle and their is a camera with this one and it's android and Apple apps friendly. I would get more battery s if you wanna fly more then 8 minutes thanks (Posted on 3/12/17)

Perfect for learning
Review by Samuel

I bought this to learn how to fly before buying a more expensive model. Camera photos are a little fuzzy. The wifi transmission is great to my iPhone. Allowed me to find when it got stuck in a tree. Make sure to buy extra batteries to have fun for an hour. (Posted on 3/12/17)

Loads of Fun !!
Review by Leo

This can't be beat for the price. It's pretty rugged. I set it down in a swamp by accident, but dried it out and it's still going strong. It only weighs a quarter pound, so don't try and fly if there is much of a breeze as the wind will get a hold of it and you'll have trouble bringing it back. It would be nice if the pictures were a little sharper, but for less than $60, it's pretty amazing. It's also nice to see plenty of spare parts available on Amazon in case of a mishap. Buy some spare batteries to extend your flying time. (Posted on 3/12/17)

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