Drone i8h iDrone With Real-Time Picture 2.4Ghz Quadcopters GearLab

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Drone i8h iDrone With Real-Time Picture 2.4Ghz Quadcopters GearLab 

auto return/orientation

mode usa inven sense

back high-definition

real-time picture

fight time approx 7mins

2.4G flight range



please red this instruction manual carefully before operating the drone
please do not operate the drone in restricted zones or around people and animals
please do no operate the drone in strong winds


suitable for people of 14 years old&up
do not put the toy in the mouth as there is a danger of choking dup to small parts
do not play control the drone in a brutal fashion such as throwing, crashing or twisting it
keep body parts away from spinning blades
keep the drone a safe distance from other drones when playing togeter


drone for sale

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Update!! cheering fixed the problem free of charge, excellent company to work with. now a five star
Review by Marie

UPDATE!! GearLab is great.. they saw my previous review, contacted me and sent a couple new motors for free!!! thank you GearLab. great quad and I'd recommend buying through GearLab as they turned a bad situation good. i don't seem to find that much nowadays. (Posted on 3/13/17)

starsAwesome Quad
Review by Roberto

Awesome beginner Quad!! Ive crashed it a couple hundred times now. It does not like the wind!! It's very lightweight and the slightest breeze will send it to the next zip code. Ive had a blast with this machine!! takes great videos. Flight time per battery is around 8 to 10 minutes. So stock up on some spare power!! (Posted on 3/13/17)

Great cost/benefit!
Review by Tiffany

Have been playing with mine for just a couple of days now and I really like it. Enough to order extra batteries just so I dont have to wait 1,5 hours for the charging.

It is very simple and doesnt have a lot of extra fancy features. Excellent for beginners like me.

Very sturdy... already crashed it a few times and it still works.

Great purchase. (Posted on 3/13/17)

This toy is a lot of fun.
Review by Tim

Bought this for my girlfriend & she loves it! Worth the price so far! I suggest purchasing stare legs while you figure out how to fly.. There have been a few rough landings.. Lol parts are cheap.. This toy is a lot of fun. (Posted on 3/13/17)

Five Stars
Review by Yvonne

Great, great product, super fast delivery, I recommend the seller. (Posted on 3/13/17)

Great product! Easy to operate!!
Review by Kelly

My 11 year old son loves it! It is easy to control and durable. We bought 2 others only to return because they were hard to control. He is so pleased with this drone. (Posted on 3/13/17)

Not your average toy drone.
Review by Aaron

This is an awesome drone! I have a high dollar one at work and for the low price this can't be beat. It was purchased for my son who spent weeks trying to find the best drone in this price range. I'm proud to say he did a fantastic job on his research. Although the video quality is not what I'm used to it's a great drone and it's durable. (Posted on 3/13/17)

My 7 year old nephew loved this for Birthday
Review by Sharon

My 7 year old nephew loved this for Birthday! Was very surprised. The controls can be a bit tricky at first and some of the remote controls are not even workable, I guess they're just there for design purposes? But he finally got the hang of it. One thing to mention is that if it falls too hard, the battery will need to be recharged. (Posted on 3/13/17)

up up and away
Review by Mike

This was a big boy gift and my son in law loved it. I also bought the extra batteries too. It is a small drone made of pretty hard plastic so I thought at the time it wasn't going to make Christmas day. but it is really fun to watch them play with this in and out and it took a few hard hits and made the grade. It flies better with camera on it and is a bit out of balance without it. I would say fly outside until you get the hang of it. (Posted on 3/13/17)

love this drone
Review by Stephanie

love this drone, (my second drone) I had started out on a much smaller drone , its much easier to flu I love the headless mode, the camera is good for the price, and my old drone batteries run this one as well. it has been so windy since it arrived I have had very little outdoor flying experience with it , but inside its great . Very easy to hover, turn and all around a great little drone for the price. (Posted on 3/13/17)

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