Drone A11 ATTOP With Headless mode 2.4GHz Quadcopters GearLab

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Drone A11 ATTOP With Headless mode 2.4GHz Quadcopters(Not Dji) GearLab

Headless mode

the headless mode locks the drones direction regardless of it is orientation for easy control.


please red this instruction manual carefully before operating the drone
please do not operate the drone in restricted zones or around people and animals
please do no operate the drone in strong winds


suitable for people of 14 years old&up
do not put the toy in the mouth as there is a danger of choking dup to small parts
do not play control the drone in a brutal fashion such as throwing, crashing or twisting it
keep body parts away from spinning blades
keep the drone a safe distance from other drones when playing togeter


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I loved it!
Review by Kate

I loved it! I got it stuck it in a tree on day four though. I regret nothing and will probably buy another Syma more expensive drone sometime soon, but as a starter drone I feel it was a good flyer. The picture quality is not great, but it's good enough to post interesting selfies on Facebook.

VERY DURABLE! I lost my A11 to a tree on day four, but the first 3 days were some very high and hard collisions. Still flew like a champ despite the abuse I put it though. I only broke a few propeller guards and it even came with spares!

It takes minimal technical know how to set up. Mostly just screwing on the legs and guards, the screws are small but it's doable for anyone age 8 and up. (Posted on 3/12/17)

Best purchase ever
Review by Martin

Best purchase ever. Invest in a generic 4 or 6 multi charger and batteries, its worth it to play for 25min + at a time.

Thanks to this quad, i have a complete understanding of maneuverability and that transitions well into pro level/ hobby grade quads.

I now own a CF generic 250 and can maneuver like no ones business, yet, when i'm at home smoking in the evening or in the neighborhood in general. I pull out my little ATTOP A11 and zip around the trees and mess around. I must have somewhere in the vicinity of 60 hours with this thing and by now its 30% crazy glue, but it is still a joy to fly around with it.

There are plenty of parts and no repair is too daunting. Youtube is a great help if you need it.

Best 60 bucks i've spent all year. (Posted on 3/12/17)

This is a great copter all around
Review by Natalie

This is a great copter all around. It flies really good, especially on high speed, easy to fly. This is a great learning drone, very resilient.
A tough little machine, I have crashed mine multiple times. It went in the lake today and I thought well that's it! When I fished it off the bottom of the lake the lights were still blinking! I disconnected the battery and let it dry out for day and much to my joy it flies like brand new. Very happy with GearLab products to date, I have several models. Parts are easy to replace, mods can be made to increase distance, etc. A good tough copter, a good purchase! (Posted on 3/12/17)

Quadcopter Fun
Review by Jose

I initially bought these for my sons as an Easter gift. A bit skeptical at first, given the low price point, but that was also a selling point for me in case they destroyed it. After unpacking and testing them a bit, the boys were off and flying with their new ATTop A11 quadcopters. App and camera integration was easy, and the camera takes amazing video and photo footage. Blinking LEDs indicate flight and battery health while the unit is up and flying. Packaging was nice and they came in boxes with nice foam cutouts so that nothing was damaged during shipping. The unit comes with rotor guards, camera, battery, landing gear, and spare rotors. All-in-all, a very nice quadcopter purchased at a value, and I'm happy with the purchase! (Posted on 3/12/17)

Fun to fly right out of the box!
Review by Lucy

Fun to fly, decent video and pics. Outstanding bargain for the price. Very tough, had some pretty hard crashes but it still flies great. I will say that it is very tough to control in a light wind. (Posted on 3/12/17)

Review by Louis

Fun fun, don't installed the guards on the blades leave them off, why, if you get the unit in a tree the blade protectors acts as hooks and stays in the dang tree, i have already had to get the thing from a 40 foot tree, i learn my lesson. (Posted on 3/12/17)

I got this drone yesterday it's very easy to fly the fvp is lagy but has a
Review by Julia

I got this drone yesterday it's very easy to fly the fvp is lagy but has a very good camera for the price of the drone it's very strong I've crashed it from a high height and it survived the range is not that great I would say you get a 200yds of range and a 100ft high height so very good drone for price (Posted on 3/12/17)

and a great trainer if your kid (or you) might want to
Review by Matthew

First drone we've had; bought for the 6 year old for Christmas this year. We've put dozens of flights on it, inside, outside, all over the place. Stuck in trees, hats, walls, attacked by the dogs, chased the cat and his mom. We haven't broken anything in probably 2 to 3 total hours of flight.

This toy is worth the money, and a great trainer if your kid (or you) might want to try before more expensive units. (Posted on 3/12/17)

Totally worth the money! An awesome first drone.
Review by Margaret

This is a great purchase at such an affordable price! We've had so much fun with it that we are ordering more for Christmas so everyone can have one.

Don't expect to be able to fly it by FPV because there is such a delay in the signal getting to the phone/tablet that it's too late to react to the environment. BUT, that being said you can record some fun videos and get some cool photos with it. My son likes making videos flying around our house and hovering up by the door and windows for our cats to look out at the drone and chase to the next window. It's so funny.

This is what I would recommend getting to get started into drones. Perfect for kids or newbies. (Posted on 3/12/17)

Amazing drone!
Review by Alexander

This easily is one of my favorite purchases on amazing, great quality and came at a very quick speed, it was very easy to open and very easy to set up. It came with many replacement blades, extra screws, and a mini screw driver to help put together with ease. The one downside is that it is so light that the wind has a huge effect on it when flying, but it's fine if not flown on a super windy day! Great buy, and lots of great things for its price. (Posted on 3/12/17)

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